A Gothic western film set in 1862 in the Old West starring Nicole Leigh, G. Russell Reynolds, Charles Baker and Morgana Shaw.

Lighting Direction by Michael Morlan

Production stills provided by Bryan Chatlien

Art Direction and Production Design by David Jetre
Written, produced, and directed by David Jetre

Shroud follows a young woman's journey from Holland to the Civil War America in search of her missing husband. Having learned of her husband's peril in a lost town in the Old West, Lady Victoria Celestine (Nicole Leigh) withdraws from the funeral of her prestigious father to make a dangerous transatlantic journey. Arriving in the hidden town of Shroud, she unravels a dark 300-year old secret. The facts aren't entirely clear, and much has been marred by folklore and myth, but something that began with the 16th century expedition of the Spanish conquistador Francisco Coronado, has left a deep scar upon the native Apache who surround the ghost town of Shroud.

19th Century & Old West Art Design

For the small independent film Shroud, Production Designer David Jetre dedicated four months to pre-production and prepared all the elements required for the film's lush, late 19th century look and feel.
Mr. Jetre handled all aspects of design including, but not limited to: location scouting, sailing ships, art direction, production design, wardrobe, armor, props, firearms, graphic design (Victorian & Civil War indicia), printing, binding, carpentry, set design, and set decoration.




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