Considering the Plan
Reviewing the Plan
Hiding in the Garage
Prepared to Advance
Garage Door
The Experiment
Experiment - Close Up
On the Operating Table
Neurological Analysis
Beginning the Test
Retina Identification
Silver Mountain Code
Early Holographic Interface
Knightwish 1.5 Graphic Plate
Melanie Watson Onscreen Credt
Opening Plate
Facing the Horde
Preparing to Transmit
Searching for Cannibals
Padlocked Gate
Back Up Has Arrived
Aspen Searches for Cairo
One-Sided Conversations
Atop the Skywalk
Listening to War Plans
An EMP Casualty
Listening to Cairo
Pushing the Dead Tractor Aside
Rigging the Transmitter
Battle Injuries
Aspen Investigates
Last Words
Waiting for Cairo
Aspen Accepts the Challenge
The Old Rotted Fence
An Ally Dies
Close-up - Hand
Relieved of Command
A Warm Memory
The Mailman Arrives
The Dead Remembers Itself
Emergency FEMA Gear
Under a Bold Moon
A Cold Night
Confronting the Farmers
The Triskelion
An Unexpected Guest
Line of Can Fires
Death in Darkness
Searching for Her Commander
The Transfigured Commander
Attic - Dust
Cairo Battles Her Commander
Cairo Kills Her Commander
Cairo Laments Her Commander
Red Interface
Interior Set Design
Before the Horde Arrives

Knightwish 1.5 


A science fiction short film starring Melanie Ruth, DeAnne Moore, Jeff Griffin, James Lamarr, Tom Young and Jenny Durbin.

Cinematography by H. Richard Massey

Production stills provided by Bryan Chatlien

Art Direction and Production Design by David Jetre
Written, produced, and directed by David Jetre

Production Design

For the futuristic short film Knightwish 1.5, Production Designer David Jetre dedicated four months to pre-production and prepared all the elements required for the story's bleak post-apocalyptic look and feel. Knightwish was shot over several weekends on a remote farm in Texas during winter. Fight training and choreography took place over six weeks, while wardrobe and props were manufactured. The short film was excerpted from a larger feature film trilogy currently being shopped around for financing.






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