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as Victoria Celestine

David Jetre


A lifelong film enthusiast with a passion for design, storytelling, strange ideas and form.


A creative professional with over 30 years of design, advertising, marketing, supervisory, and film experience, David began his career as a direct report to Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, and high-ranking Managers of Fortune 500 companies developing spectacular designs, proposals, advertising campaigns, commercials, web assets, and print for the global telecommunications and advertising industries.

David Jetre 2018 Film & Design Resume


A lifelong writer, designer, and film enthusiast, David has been celebrated as a "brilliant synthesis" of the creative, technical, and narrative arts and sciences. 


David founded Jetrefilm Entertainment in 2001 to produce and sell his own properties. Later that same year he set up Studio 930 Intermedia to help everyone else.



Our Expertise


Our specialists are award-winning masters of their respective crafts: light, effects, & design. 

Our designers, specialists, and technicians have worked in theater, television, feature films, and web productions with a combined experience of over 30 years. 



Our Commitment


Studio 930 is committed to excellence, punctuality, and customer service and
our work speaks for itself.

Our talented, diversified, and highly skilled teams are wholly committed to delivering the very best in whatever project the participate. We always raise the bar.




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