Lighting Direction by Michael Morlan

Production stills provided by Bryan Chatlien

Art Direction and Production Design by David Jetre

Written, produced, and directed by David Jetre



A Gothic western film set in 1862 in the Old West starring Nicole Leigh, G. Russell Reynolds, Charles Baker and Morgana Shaw.
Billy's Winning Hand
Billy Sidehammer
Sloan & Comorro
Victoria Sleeps
Victoria Meets Sloan
The Calm After Murder
The Undead Mayor Undercroft
The Bartender Listens
The Saloon
Sailing to America
Saloon Interior Design
Elizabeth Reads Johnathan's Letter
The Townsfolk Conspire
Johnathan Celestine's Luggage
Killers Killing Time
The Avenger
The Orphan
Victoria Takes a Train
Brandy or Whiskey
Preparing the Armor
Old Man and U.S. Marhsals
The Doctor & Jed
Victoria and Abraham Investigate
The General Store
The Blind Man
The Greyriders Play Cards
The Fury of Angels
The Bones of Children
Abraham Plays Poker
Stalking the Last Greyrider
Book of Secrets
The Old Piano
Sailing to America

19th Century & Old West Art Design

For the small independent film Shroud, Production Designer David Jetre dedicated four months to pre-production and prepared all the elements required for the film's lush, late 19th century look and feel.
Mr. Jetre handled all aspects of design including, but not limited to: location scouting, sailing ships, art direction, production design, wardrobe, armor, props, firearms, graphic design (Victorian & Civil War indicia), printing, binding, carpentry, set design, and set decoration.




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The Orphan

SHROUD (2013) - Robert Duncan as the Orphan. Art Direction & Production Design by David Jetre. Written & Directed by David Jetre.